SPIE 7734, San Diego 2010


S. Robbe-Dubois, Y. Bresson, E. Aristidi, S. Lagarde, P. Antonelli, B. Lopez, R. G. Petrov


While doing optical study in an instrument similar to the interferometers dedicated to the Very Large Telescope (VLT), we have to take care of the pupil and focus conjugations. Modules with artificial sources are designed to simulate the stellar beams, in terms of collimation and pupil location. They constitute alignment and calibration tools. In this paper, we present such a module in which the pupil mask is not located in a collimated beam thus introducing Fresnel diffraction. We study the instrumental contrast taking into account the spatial coherence of the source, and the pupil diffraction. The considered example is MATISSE, but this study can apply to any other instrument concerned with Fresnel diffraction.